NOTE: Brass requires an added level of maintenance, as the finish can patina. It is recommended that Brass is kept very clean and it is not recommended that Brass is autoclaved. Brass is naturally antibacterial.

Neuma 4 in machined Brass. This machine weighs 205g (7.2 OZ) and has a very low center of gravity. Brass offers remarkable balance and stability, dramatically reduced vibration, makes tattooing incredibly easy to do, and the polished finish is beautiful and scratch-resistant. We believe that its not always about making the lightest possible tattoo machines, but about putting the weight in the right place.

-Weight: 205g (7.2 OZ)

-Length: 90mm (3.6 in)

-Diameter: 27mm (1.1 in)

-Output: 8.5W

-Operating range: 4.5-9V


20% cycle, 2.75mm, 3.6mm or 4.2mm stroke, autoclave compatible

28% cycle, 3.6mm, autoclave compatible

33% cycle, 3.6mm, autoclave compatible

40% cycle, 3.6mm, autoclave compatible

-Energy source: Electricity

-Connector: RCA

-Autoclave Compatible Grip: Yes

-Battery Compatible: Yes