Neuma 4 in matte aluminum finish, “Maple” anodized.

This machine comes with the Neuma “Shift” 33mm grip. This grip is a multi-function grip designed to act as both a ergonomic concave design for precise control as well as a dual-position grip to allow for use of the top of the grip, further from the needles, as well as the bottom of the grip, the traditional position.

For a looser style of tattooing (for example when doing loose shading and textures, etc.), hold your grip with the top row of traction grooves, away from the needles and similar to the way you would hold a paintbrush. For a more technical, controlled style (for example when lining), hold your grip with the bottom row of traction grooves, near the needles, the way tattoo machines are traditionally held. The concave section of this grip is designed to, alternatively, be a thumb and index finger grip to add a level of comfort and control for those who prefer this type of ergonomics.

NOTE: Image is computer graphics, actual appearance will vary slightly

-Weight: 126g (4.4 OZ)

-Length: 90mm (3.6 in)

-Diameter: 33mm (1.3 in)

-Output: 8.5W

-Operating range: 4.5-9V


20% cycle, 2.75mm, 3.6mm or 4.2mm stroke, autoclave compatible

28% cycle, 3.6mm, autoclave compatible

33% cycle, 3.6mm, autoclave compatible

40% cycle, 3.6mm, autoclave compatible

-Energy source: Electricity

-Connector: RCA

-Autoclave Compatible Grip: Yes

-Battery Compatible: Yes