Neuma Tattoo Machines was started by tattoo artist Carson Hill in 2000 when he invented his first pneumatic tattoo machine and began the patent process. In the early years, the company was secondary to his tattoo career, while Carson worked to grow as an artist.  Carson has used his Neuma machines for nearly his entire career as a tattoo artist. From 2012 to 2018, Neuma was non-operational. However, many new ideas were being born, ideas which led to the development of the Neuma FOUR, his latest technology. In early 2018, Carson began development of Neuma FOUR with a handful of talented engineers and artists  in order to bring it to the market.

neuma VISION

Simply put, our vision is to provide tools to artists which support them in fully expressing themselves.

It is our goal to constantly reach for improvement in our products, innovation in tattoo equipment, and high-quality service to you. As designers, we will strive to be creative, unique, and forward-moving in terms of what we bring to the tattoo industry. This is an amazing community and we are proud to be part of it.


Hello, my name is Carson Hill. As an artist, I feel an obligation to make my machines the best possible option for tattooing.

My mission as an artist is to improve,  become more experienced, technically advanced, creative, and visionary.

My ultimate mission is to make the best possible tattooing solution. With Innovation, technology, and ground-breaking design, I have accomplished just what this industry needed.

Our past products, Neuma Hybrid and N2, were a result of a collaborative effort of many outstanding engineers and designers.

Neuma FOUR far exceeds both our past products, with the implementation of variable wave forms.

The newly designed Neuma FOUR is the most powerful compact pen machine available. By repositioning the motor it makes for improved balance and reduced strain to the artist’s hand.

neuma FUTURE

Neuma is dedicated to engineering the future of tattooing. We remain on the cutting edge of technology in our products and services. Neuma will continue to improve our products using science and technological innovation.

In an industry that is slow to develop technological advancements, there is a high desire and demand for industry-leading tools that Neuma is known to deliver. German-made electrical components, magnetic interfacing, and use of ultra lightweight, ultra high grade materials are just some of what pushes the Neuma brand a level above the competition. The introduction of autoclave-ready machines and antimicrobial plastics sets the standard of cleanliness in the industry.

Design and Innovate

  • Industry-Leading Technology

  • Emphasis on Ergonomics and Function

  • Ease of Adjustability and Upgrade

  • Contribution to the Tattoo Industry

Get Hands On With Neuma Technology

Neuma 4 comes in 3 finishes and 3 color choices


neuma NEWS

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