You heard that correctly, Neuma has developed yet another tattoo machine, and its only a few weeks away from delivery. Dubbed Neuma FOUR, being that it is the fourth generation tattoo machine that Neuma has created, it boasts a number of new features, at least one of which is ground-breaking, having never been done before! Some of these features include a smaller, lighter, more balanced platform (to the benefit of any tattooer), a very easily varied stroke length, autoclavable exterior housing (grip) that completely covers the non-autoclavable portion, disposable grip option, and last but of course not least, a variable needle frequency wave form (the first of its kind), that when an artist utilizes a varied cam, dramatically alters the behavior of the needle. The machine comes with one cam, which uses the cam which Neuma researchers state optimizes the wave form of the needle frequency such that a needle does not dwell in the skin the way a traditional rotary does. Check out for more info!